Does the Cast of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Hang Out Still?

Pretty Little Liars might be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to our favorite cast members. While you might track the ups and downs of the Liars’ relationships on-screen, their off-screen relationships are a little more private. When they’re not making out with each other at work, the actors and actresses who play your fave Liars all have exciting love lives in the real world, outside of Rosewood. Here’s what’s going on with each of them:. Lucy and her musician boyfriend Anthony Kalabretta split back in May of , but Lucy reportedly moved on with her year-old Life Sentence co-star Riley Smith. The two were spotting kissing after having a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner together at Pace restaurant in Los Angeles, according to E! News , back in February However, the two later broke up in July While they haven’t confirmed their relationship, it looks like thing are heating up between them. Sasha got engaged in December !

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Fortday happiness and true love being celebrated PLL style. Most of the stars are not married — however, three of them have tied the knot over the past couple of years. First was Bellisario, who married Suits actor Patrick J. Adams in Dec. When Pieterse herself got married in Ireland in May , it appears as though none of her castmates were there Bellisario was actually busy attending an even bigger U.

Marlene said that Caleb and Hanna’s breakup is one of the most I can’t say what it is because that will ruin it, but it was super emotional and very real. she was taken by him because he has his life together, he’s successful and he takes care of her. January 18, am PT by Michael O’Connell.

Some people wake up in the morning with an alarm clock. The process usually goes: hit snooze approximately five times before finally being lured out of bed by the sweet aroma of coffee. Some people… but for Aundrea Bezler that typical morning routine was abruptly different. Instead of coffee, there was a proposal. Aundrea and Caleb have been dating for five years.

For this couple, a life together was a no brainer. The two had previously looked at rings together, but Aundrea remembers that that morning was still a surprise. They are best friends; they balance each other out perfectly. Of all the perks of being married, the two are most looking forward to being able to call each other husband and wife — and of course starting a family!

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7, Episode 2 Recap: Breakup Season Has Arrived

After far too many months of watching former lovers, Hanna and Caleb, fight back their feelings on Pretty Little Liars , it seems like the time has come for this fan favorite couple to reconcile — and only ET has your exclusive sneak peek of the highly anticipated moment! In our first look scene from Tuesday’s summer finale, Caleb brings a safe yet shaken Hanna home, but refuses to believe that she’s “okay” after her tumultuous run-in with Noel Kahn on last week’s episode.

After calling each other a “pain in the ass,” Caleb’s pent-up frustrations tumble out of his mouth in a shocking sweet confession of love. And you know what? There’s probably milk in that fridge that’s older than me. Umm … who else caught that whole “spend the rest of our lives together” part?

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The ABC Family show is now ending the first half of its sixth season and kicking off new episodes in with a five-year time jump. Online that the girls will return to Rosewood because of Alison. When the ABC Family series first began, the Liars were supposed to be entering their junior year of high school. Time moves slowly in Rosewood, and the girls are now nearing the end of their senior year in the summer finale. But the ages of some of the actors today might surprise you:.

Ashley Benson was 20 years old when she started playing year-old Hanna Marin in The character is 24 on the show, but actor Drew Van Acker is 29 in real life. Like most of the cast, Ian Harding is playing a younger character. That means Harding was around 23 when the show started, and his character would have been Actress Janel Parrish, on the other hand, is 26 years old.

Actress and singer Lucy Hale is now 26 years old. Her character, Aria Montgomery, will be around 23 when the show returns in

Here Are All the “PLL” Stars’ Relationship Statuses IRL

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Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their updated Caleb Rivers episodes, the series follows the lives of four girls, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and.

Skip navigation! Story from 13 Reasons Why. Martha Sorren. It’s not uncommon for teenagers in movies and TV to be portrayed by adult actors. Similarly, the cast of 13 Reasons Why season 3 are mostly in their 20s, with a couple of the actors in their 30s. Part of the reason why these actors are so much older than their characters may come from the fact that the series was not originally intended to last beyond season 1.

Is ‘PLL’s Spencer In Love With Caleb?

Since then, the “Liars” have found fame and grown up in front of our eyes before wrapping the show in In honor of the year anniversary of the show’s debut, we’re taking a look back at how its stars have changed since Rosewood! Keep reading to see Aria and the rest of the gang then and now…. Lucy Hale landed the role of Aria Montgomery — a creative, artsy Rosewood High student who’s been described as an “old soul” — and started filming the show when she was

Aundrea and Caleb have been dating for five years. Aundrea and Caleb’s wedding will be Oct. 15, , at the 4th Street Theater in Moberly.

Editors note: Spoilers for Pretty Little Liars ahead. Elliott Rollins, who proceeds to quietly threaten her in his masked British accent and stick her with a syringe. It was a bad day for Ali. Meanwhile, Hanna escaped her twisted captor only to end up as a literal deer in Mary Drake’s headlights. Also, this was clearly the breakup episode, where everyone talks about the magnetic, seemingly inescapable quality of Rosewood and chucks the shiny new toys they acquired in their time away from home.

Bye Jordan. Bye Liam.

Hanna Marin

Though these couples are no longer official, I think it’s safe to say that most Pretty Little Liars fans had hoped that they would find their way back to one another by the end of the season — and now, that’s looking less and less likely. Pretty Little Liars seems to be setting up a new romance in Season 6B, and it’s a swap few of us would have seen coming in past seasons. Or were they? While the two haven’t so much as held hands, the pair sure spends a lot of time together, even shacking up in Spencer’s barn together while Spencer is on leave from her job.

Hannah is a few years older than Derek and Caleb, and when she sees Loved that it dealt with real life situations and all the emotions that go with them. but he comes back trying to get Hannah to see that he wants to do this together.

Rachel Sullivan, center, plays with her half brother, while her half sister, right, looks on. Rachel Sullivan believes in the power of good food on the body and of the Holy Spirit on the soul. Sullivan is a year-old Western Carolina University junior and Honors College student majoring in nutrition and dietetics , an area of study she chose after witnessing the effects of starvation on her two half siblings whose parents were dealing with substance abuse issues.

Sullivan and her half siblings, now age 9 and 13, have the same birth mother. I was a freshman at Western. My half sister said that one time she ate a whole stick of butter because she was so hungry, and my half brother had to eat packets of sauces because they were absolutely starving. Rachel knew bad, as did Caleb, because of their own dysfunctional childhoods. But Rachel knew something else: as a new Christian, she had an unshakeable faith in God and a bone-deep desire to succeed in life, despite her own traumatic upbringing.

How the cast of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ have changed since the show’s premiere

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19, at p.m. PST in Madrid, which led to them spending some quality time together. Jordan revealed that Hanna still has Caleb’s old table. In a reminder that this is not real life, Aria and Liam shared some.

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Email address:. Are hanna and caleb from pll dating in real life. Spoiler alert: we shouldn’t have sizzling chemistry on-screen and caleb secretly dating in a? Plus, pretty little liars final season 3 haleb. About pll showrunner i.

Caleb and Hanna Pretty Little Liars Hanna, Pretty Little Liers, Pll, Rhode Island Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson: Dating in Real Life! tyshleys: ““Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn doing press together (September 19th, ) ” ”.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been close to 10 months since Ryan Seacrest announced Maddie Poppe was the winner while Caleb Lee Hutchinson came in a close second. And while some contestants find themselves taking some much-deserved time off, these two finalists have been focused on creating new music for their loyal fans. At the same time, they’ve also been able to maintain a long-distance romantic relationship. News exclusively ahead of tonight’s season premiere.

If something happens, she’s the person I want to talk to about it. The feeling is mutual for Maddie who released her new single titled ” Little Things ” on Friday. After listening to the lyrics, fans instantly picked up on the fact that the song was inspired by her relationship with Caleb. And despite their schedules, the couple has been able to have unforgettable experiences like attending the world premiere of The Nutcracker and the Four Realms , trips to Hawaii and visiting Walt Disney World.

When asked about the best date nights, however, both parties admitted to us that it’s nothing fancy by any means. Instead, it’s just good quality time. Maddie added, “Our favorite thing to do when we are together is literally not do anything and watch Forensic Files and eat Healthy Choice meals. While Maddie and Caleb are certainly worth celebrating, we’re also taking a look back at some of our favorite contestants from seasons past in our gallery below.

Take a look at what some of your favorite singers are up to now.

Boys Ashley Benson Dated (Pretty Little Liars)

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